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Biolight provides a comprehensive health care solution from hardware to software, from technology to service, from hospitals to individuals, from central cities to remote areas, covering vital sign monitoring equipment, integrated blood purification solutions, home care services, etc several fields.

Service network all over the country

Nationwide 21 provinces and autonomous regions service system ensure rapid service capabilities. In order to assist hospital to improve their management and clinical care level, adhering to the customer oriented service concept, Biolight provides 360 degree all-round service.
Convenient after-sales, fast response
Call center 7X24 hours service, more than 100 experienced technical engineers answer your needs for medical services, timely response to your each time service needs, and consistently provide assistance with you.
360 degree all-round care

Multi-dimensional follow-up service at pre-sale, sale, and after sale, such as routine maintenance, regular end-user visits, all kinds of technical support, real-time follow-up, and product optimization etc support you to reduce cost, enhance efficiency, and provide full care of equipment safety.
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